Clarke® Ultra Speed® Series Burnishers

This line of Ultra Speed Burnishers are ideal for hospitals, schools and areas requiring dust-free, quiet operation. These machines produce brilliant high-gloss shine with minimal effort. The self-adjusting pad pressure assures optimal power is applied to the pad driver without the need to change any settings. The DC models have passive with dual air port filter bag collection. Lightweight, easy to maneuver, and very quiet when working in noise sensitive areas. The powerful motor supplies the highest power permitted from a wall outlet. 1.5 hp DC permanent magnet, integrated brush wear indicator. 50/60 Hz; 20" pad diameter; 120V.


Clarke® Ultra Speed® US1500 Burnisher - 1500 RPM

1500 RPM, ea
Manufacturers Item #01530A

Clarke® Ultra Speed® US1500DC Burnisher - 1500 RPM

1500 RPM, w/Dust Control, ea
Manufacturers Item #01540A

Clarke® Ultra Speed® US2000DC Burnisher - 2000 RPM

2000 RPM, w/Dust Control, ea
Manufacturers Item #01550A